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Where Michael Vick Meets OJ Simpson

Michael Vick

Forbes magazine recently released its list of “The Most Disliked People in Sports” a survey of 1,100 people age 13 or older who are active in sports as either a player, coach, manager, broadcaster, agent or owner.

Before we go further, let’s keep this honest.  It’s the “most-hated” poll.  It is what it is.  Don’t get tripped up and tricked by the euphemism of “dislike.”  These are athletes that evoke visceral responses, as is evidenced by their “strong dislike” quotients below.

The respondents had to be actively involved as to eliminate the multitude of those who might only know of Vick through his dog-fighting arrest and nothing more.  Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the full list with the percent of “Strong Dislike” in parentheses.

1.         Michael Vick (69%)

2.         Al Davis (66%)

3.         Ben Roethlisberger (57%)

4.         Tiger Woods (53%)

5.         Jerry Jones (53%)

6.         Mark McGwire (48%)

7.         Terrell Owens (47%)

8.         Alex Rodriguez (45%)

9.         Allen Iverson (45%)

10.       Gilbert Arenas (44%)

Today is only going to ask questions.  Some are rhetorical, others are interrogatives actually in search of an answer.  But today, it’s going to be more about questions than anything else.  This survey is supposed to be the answer to the question of “who is the most ‘disliked’ in professional sports?”  The list above is your answer.

Mo’Kelly could extrapolate out and write a scathing editorial on how troubling it is that even the “more informed” (i.e. sports enthusiasts) still have a disproportionate amount of contempt for Michael Vick than anyone else, but no…not today.  Mo’Kelly could theorize the implicit role of race in the perception of athletes, but no…not today.  Mo’Kelly only has questions, you the readers will have to provide the answers.

Ben Roethlisberger

  • How is it that Michael Vick is still the “most-disliked” in all of sports when he’s been a model citizen since he’s been out of jail for more than a year?
  • Why is it that Michael Vick tops this list and Ben Roethlisberger who has been accused of rape TWICE is nowhere close in percentage to Vick?
  • Should Mo’Kelly make the leap that killing my neighbor’s dog 3 years ago is somehow socially less acceptable than (allegedly) raping the same neighbor’s daughter 3 months ago?
  • Why is Terrell Owens as “disliked” as much Mark McGwire and more than Alex Rodriguez, when of the three, he’s the only one who didn’t cheat in his sport (or on his wife for that matter)?
  • Did these people somehow forget that Mark McGwire’s career was a fraud and he in essence “pleaded the 5th” before Congress?

    Terrell Owens...and the popcorn

  • Don’t these people know that being a fraud for your whole career like McGwire is probably worse than making a career of creative endzone celebrations like Owens…and the two shouldn’t be equated on any level…ever?
  • How did Gilbert Arenas make this list and not Plaxico Burress? (Is that because since he’s “in” jail, he’s not “in” sports…i.e. ineligible?)
  • If Michael Vick were never to have played in the NFL again, (despite not being eligible for the list), Mo’Kelly wonders if people would still dislike him as much…i.e. less jealousy/contempt?
  • Why is Tiger Woods so much more “disliked” than A-Rod when Tiger’s never been caught cheating in his sport and arguably equally as unfaithful as Alex Rodriguez?

    A-Rod and Madonna

  • Does that mean cheating on your wife with a married Madonna (and presumably plenty others) is somehow socially more acceptable than cheating on your wife with porn stars and cocktail waitresses?
  • Or let Mo’Kelly ask the same question slightly differently.  Why is cheating on your wife (as a superstar golfer) comparable in “dislike” to being accused of raping two women (as a superstar NFL quarterback) and more “reprehensible” than the superstar baseball player who cheated on his wife AND cheated in his sport?
  • Jerry Jones

    What did Jerry Jones do to deserve to be on this list?  Al Davis, I get it.  But Jerry Jones?

  • How many people tried to write in OJ Simpson’s name, even though he’s not eligible for this list?
  • Is Mo’Kelly the only one who wonders what “other” criteria was considered by the respondents…be it consciously or subconsciously?


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