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Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls: JUDGE RULES TO FORCE OPEN AKA’S BOOKS!

Update: Click Here for the official judgment.

Click HERE (and bookmark) for updates on appeals and motions filed.


Mo’Kelly just got word from multiple sources!  Former Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell triumphed!  The books of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority will be opened!  Supreme Basileus Barbara A. McKinzie will be compelled to open the books and be held accountable!

Spread the word!

Barbara A. McKinzie…You Can’t Win!

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Kudos to Sistergreek Purnell!!!

Comment by A Zeta Supporter

I am beyond ecstatic, but BAM will appeal this decision, it is her MO (no pun or comparison intended Mo).

Comment by JJAKA

Let her appeal…it just further digs the grave. It’s the only card for her to play. A person of innocent mind acts accordingly. A respected former SB has come forward and a judge has ruled…if BAM is innocent then she has nothing to fear. It would only delay the inevitable. This is a marathon and not a sprint but the finish line sho’ nuff got a lot closer today.

Comment by mrmokelly

Good job Mrs. Purnell. I hope this helps the WI8

Comment by SP

Well,well, well. Lady Justice is supposedly blind, but today she peeped a bit from under that blindfold. She saw a greedy,vindictive and corrupt so-called president trampling on the mission and vision of the Founders of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,Inc. She also saw that same greedy egomaniac hurting the morale of thousands of truly dedicated members. Once she noticed that the Directorate, allegedly elected to look out for the members’ best interest, was negligent and incompetent, at best…Lady Justice said ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Soror Purnell will forever be remembered and honored as the soror that put the “Supreme” in Supreme Basileus. Truly she and the WI8 deserve kudos for helping to save and restore our sorority. Boule cannot come fast enough.

Comment by Dazzlin 1908

This couldn’t have worked out better…TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE BOULE?! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Comment by mrmokelly

Boule is going to be so much fun now! I can hardly wait!

Comment by Diamond08

This 2010 Boule will go down in history as the time and occasion when the “members” who have no power (to quote McKinzie) took their organization back. The next year and a half is going to be a frightening experience for BAM and those cowards on the Directorate (including the Undergraduate Members). Turn in your passports ladies. There is no point in trying to flee the country. LOL

Comment by notyouraverage aka

Let’s see BAM send out a sorority-wide email with this “news.”

Comment by mrmokelly

Mo, BAM is in denial about this ruling. As soon as we get an e-mail about this momentous decision, just know he^^ will freeze over!

Comment by Diamond08

Good… keep on keepin’ on…

Comment by Pretty Girl

And still I rise…

Comment by Hard Working Basileus

This is a major accomplishment and congrats.

Keeping giving them heck until you get the outcome you desire.

Comment by Barbara

Congrats sisters greek. Sheryl Uglywood, you’re next!!!!!!

Comment by Righteous Zeta

To my Soror *Righteous Zeta* Yes Sir Mr. Ed is next!! We have let to much go on for too long and the Lights will be BRIGHT in DALLAS!! Get with it or GET GONE!! SU and her Minions will be held ACCOUNTABLE!!!

Comment by KT

It’s like my mama said, “It’s never too late to do what’s right.”

Comment by persnicketysnit

BAM and her negligent and incompedent Directorate should all pay for what they have created. When the Internal Revenue, State of Illinois and other states get finished with them, some of them will not have jobs and could serve jail time. The Directorate allowed BAM to hijack the sorority. I am sure BAM will take them down and she should. This will help the FOTWI. Soror Parnell, you made us proud!

Comment by Love

No appeal! It can’t happen.

Comment by Love

Whether the decision can be appealed seems to be open for discussion since BAM has filed something somewheres since last Thursday.

As I understand it, the crux of the matter began about $30K in reimbursement for a RD which the courts have said TWICE had been done.

One wonders why BAM supporters continue to follow a leader who’s beating a twice-dead horse?

Now, the talk is over who will PAY for any audit of the books, whether BAM will attempt to expel Soror Julia, and something about cease and desist.

MoKelly – don’t hang up your SuperHero costume yet.

Going to really need it in Dallas cause it’s been too quiet on the blue and white front.

Sorors, just remember, there was but ONE legit election in Las Vegas, according to the DC Code for non-profits and Soror Underwood was NOT the winner.

She didn’t even get the most votes in the one where a majority vote (the most important over-riding factor) was obtained.

Lawyers and judges know ZIP about parliamentary procedure. Especially on the issue of the “disappearing quorum”.

Make LOTS of work for parliamentarians?

Comment by Edda R.

BAM filed an appeal on Friday, July 2.

Comment by diamond1908

Ladies (Righteous Zeta and) name calling is so unnecessary. Just say what you have to say and leave the name calling to the preschool kids. When the Lord created each of us it was to his pleasing, so please remember that Karma is never friendly when it comes around. One day someone in your family might have to endure the hate of others. No, this is not Sheryl just someone praying for peace.

Comment by Michelle Wright

Perhaps someone can explain this:

NOTICE OF INTERLOCUTORY APPEAL SCR 307(A) – FILED on July 2, 2010 by Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Comment by Edda R.

Edda R….Although I may be wrong my understanding is that BAM has filed yet another appeal. :0(…Oh I am so sick of her!!!!!

Comment by Von 08

Thank you Mo for posting the actual order from Judge Riley. but I would have felt better about it if he had actually given a deadline. He simply writes …”is hereby ordered.” A deadline, with severe consequences, like jail time, would have caused BAM to move a little faster with compliance. I fear now that she is taking her own sweet time making the records available, while having her horde of minions shred, shred, shred, so that when Attorney Majors, et al, comes to review…there will only be hastily put-together fake documents, that will be in pristine order of course. Any lawyers on this site that can weigh in…please do so and put me at ease, a bit. There is absolutely nothing that I put past BAM. She is as rotten and diabolical as Idi Amin, Hitler, or any other dangerous narcissist that has disgraced world history pages. If only our leaders had listened to Soror Carrie Preston, (RIP)when she warned that BAM was not to be trusted with any leadership position within our organization. To any all readers on this site, please know that BAM and her crooked crew DO NOT represent what Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc is about from its illustrious beginning in 1908.

Comment by Dazzlin 1908

@ Dazzlin…there’s limited shredding they can do…remember the IRS is still at headquarters. This tangled web she’s woven is complicated on all fronts.

Comment by mrmokelly

Mo I also thank you for sharing the judge’s order. I know that quite a few Sorors are going to St. Louis with the best intentions. But I believe the only way anything will be accomplished is for us to have an unorthodox and unsanctioned meeting to discuss our governing documents and plan ways to make them stronger. I sincerely wish those Sorors who will try the best of luck at the Boule. We can all see the handwriting on the wall. BAM will stop any attempt to end her corruption.

Comment by Von 08

I’m local, have experience (since 1985) as a parliamentarian (but not certified) and available for service.

I have been to court to testify on behalf of clients, for example. Member of the blue and white organization since 1963.

Actually served on the NPHC board with BAM back in the 80s when she was Executive Director and I was National Recording Secretary.

Contact me through MoKelly, I suppose?

Comment by Edda R.

Edda R…I think that expressing sympathy about our situation and offering to help is very kind. It is also ironic. So many of my sorors are convinced that the entire public and especially the Divine 9 are laughing at us. They are dismayed by the lack of discretion even now a year later.

Comment by Von 08

The offer was both sincere and genuine. It still stands.

Those who really knoow the deal, also know that quiet as things are kept, we tend to look to AKA to show us the way.

Square business.

With the possible exception of the Iotas (with whom I am not that familiar) this type fiscal irregularity has happened in ALL of the other organizations.

It is just that BAM has taken it to a NEW level – beyond even which that of Black Baptist preachers who tend to be the worse since they claim that it’s God’s plan.

The so-called prosperity pastors who preach about the “tithe” are the absolute worse and don’t get me started!

You might want to check to learn about “some” of the que’s problems.

It is my understanding that the alphas had a megilla when Tiny passed suddenly and their was a forensic type audit of their books.

And it is not broadcast but our brothers, the phi beta sigmas had a biggie with a treasurer who spent some time in the pokie.

The kappas may well have something going on but nothing has reached me.

We, (zetas) are sitting on a powder keg and are just waiting for it to blow. Most everything you have heard or read is true. Our boule is in a few weeks in Dallas and it is only because there is more money involved with AKA that there hasn’t been more publicity.

Discretion is what allows these despots to continue to beat out everybody else. Were it not for MoKelly and the weeping ivys, most of AKA would still be in the dark.

Change/progress comes when the perps are either shamed or scared. BAM seems not to have any shame and is scared of no one!

Still not understanding how a “fired” executive director gets to somehow get to be the Supreme – would NEVER happen in Zeta. If I knew she had been fired, and why………. Thought yawl had to have been a regional director.

Anybody laughing at yawl is a newby and I would give him a COLD STARE cause we can still smell mother’s milk on his breath.

Soror Edda R. Pittman

Comment by Edda R.

Thank you Edda R. for your insightful comments. You have hit the nail on the head many, many times in your piece. I am proud to call you my “Sister in Greekdom”. Stay the course and do whatever it takes to root out the poison in your leadership. Remember what Bernie Madoff did to his “people”. Also, remember where Bernie is now. There is justice and it is never delayed.

Comment by notyouraverageaka

Edda R…I hope that your sorors know how fortunate they are to have your wisdom and integrity. My position has always been it’s not the “colors”. It’s what we ALL do to serve our communities. All of the Divine 9 encourage service and scholarship. Everything you posted is completely logical. I’ve said before and I’ll ssay it again I wish the members of Zeta Phi Beta genuine best wishes.

Comment by Von 08

If you don’t have anything to hide show the books. We all have a right to know the truth. If BAM is wrong she should be punish if not we all will have to say we are sorry.

Comment by Ruby Edwards

The *** ***** needs to get what she has coming to her. She wears those tight ass clothes and spending all that damn money. I will be glad to see her leave. Empty Sister Pocketbook! ESP, omg!

Comment by James Ware, PhD. (Grammarian)

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