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Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls: One Last Push to Open Books

Julia Brogdon Purnell

Former Alpha Kappa Alpha Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell joined the organization in 1942…you know at the early portion of WWII.  In other words, her dedication to the organization is above reproach.  I can tell you that 68 years into my service to Omega Psi Phi…Mo’Kelly will not be filing writs to open the organization’s books.  Her loyalty and dedication are simply beyond reproach.

To that end, Purnell has revised her petition for writ for Mandamus for Examination of Books and Records.  She goes back to court for a final ruling Thursday, July 1.

It’s clear, if Purnell prevails…game over.

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It was a beautiful thing when we had leaders such as Former Alpha Kappa Alpha Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell. I can’t wait until BAM’s reign is over. I pray better times are in our future.

Comment by Amazed08

Eternal vigilance is the price one must pay while paying close attention to one’s pocketbook?

Comment by Edda R.

I too can’t wait. I’ve supported Soror Julia’s efforts and errr body else’s efforts to get his mess cleaned up. Now I’m off to St. Louis to finish the job with elections. Stay posted.

Comment by Hard Working Basileus

Hopefully Julia Purnell will pervail. I am certain that BAM thinks that she has skated into multi-millionaire land off of AKA money. Mo since you put the lady on blast who was acting crazy on this site, what can be done to prevent spam on the WI8 website? How can you determine who is spamming the site? Thanks!!!

Comment by I Love to Shop

There’s nothing I can do in regards to the Weeping Ivy website without access to the back-end of its programming. There are certain message board filters that can be used to keep that garbage off the site. A simple filter which prohibits certain syntax like (????????????) could easily be input. I don’t know why that hasn’t been instituted. But it’s not anything I can do on my end.

Comment by mrmokelly

Mo, when a sitting member of the Board of Directors passes, should it not be news on the national website? If so, why hasn’t BAM noted the passing of Ruby Batts Archie, Mid Atlantic Regional Director? So trifling!

Comment by Diamond08

That’s a shame. But remember, you had to beg just to get her to acknowledge the passing of a former Supreme Basileus. So in a way, she’s being consistent…unfortunately.

Comment by mrmokelly

She sent an email out to all of the members though that’s not the same as listing her passing on the website.

Comment by Natasha

Now Mo Kelly is faster than a speeding locomotive, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, and all that other good Superhero stuff about Truth, Justice, an the American Way, but doubt he’s qualified to answer all AKA protocol/etiquette questions?

Overworking the poor man.

No wonder our children have so few black super friends to emulate…

Comment by Edda R.

I haven’t put my cape away. And I know the battle is not over. But surely we’ve struck a devastating blow. And no…I’m not any aficionado on AKA protocol. :)

Comment by mrmokelly

Not to be spiteful, but a close friend was a honorary SGR but her transition into Rho Omega wasn’t mention on their webpage, either.

Folks just don’t pay respects as they once did?

Comment by Edda R.

I read the fact-finding report included in Purnell’s court documents. At the conclusion of this report were recommendations to the directorate. We’re talking 2006. If the recommendations had been implemented, McKenzie most likely would not have been president and this whole mess would have been avoided. It appears, she had guilt on her hands then as she has now and the board of directors did nothing then as they are doing nothing now. Maybe that’s why Purnell who was on that committee stepped to the plate. Eva Evans, the committee’s chair should have been right by Purnell’s side in her determined effort to get to the truth. Somebody dropped the ball with insisting that the recommendations be implemented immediately so they could have been in place for vote at the 2006 Boule.

Comment by jayjay

I went back and reread that report (About BAM shaking down a particular vendor in reference to travel arrangements.

It is quite interesting that apparently NO ACTION was taken on the recommendations!

Now, someone on the weeping ivy site has come forth to tell of how they solicited funds for BAM’s legal defense team and the directorate at the time did not stiffle their efforts.

One wonders whatever happened to that complaining vendor after the case went to court?

Comment by Edda R.

On July 1 Judge Riley of Cook County Circuit Court ordered Supreme Basileus Barbara McKinzie to open the sorority’s books. Instead, she locked the doors of the national office and denied access. She is in contempt of court. She should be locked up. What is she hiding??? What an embarrassment to our sisterhood.

Comment by Barbara Mason

If she “locked them out” then how is the IRS to complete their audit?

Has anyone done a site visit?

Comment by Edda R.

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