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‘AME Exposed’ Special Report – The Sinister ‘Bryant’ AME Connection
Bishop John R. Bryant

Bishop John R. Bryant

UPDATE 3.18.09 – 10:15pm: A prominent 5th District minister emailed Mo’Kelly and indicated that Rev. Hubert Armstrong of the 4th District (who punched the woman in the youtube video below) is now deceased and most likely died before the changeover in bishops in 2008.


Yesterday (Tuesday) a settlement was reached in the lawsuit against AME Bishop John Bryant for his role/responsibility in allowing (the late) Rev. Sylvester Laudermill Jr. to molest multiple minors in both St. Louis and Los Angeles AME churches. For the AME savvy, the Bryant name is not unfamiliar with controversy.

Bishop Bryant’s son Jamal-Harrison Bryant, is pastor of

Jamal-Harrison Bryant

Jamal-Harrison Bryant

the 10,000-member Empowerment Temple AME church in Baltimore. Ironically, in J.H. Bryant’s most recent Father’s Day sermon titled, The Curse of R-Kelly, he asked “where are the fathers who will protect their children from pedophiles,” like the singer (who later was acquitted on all charges).

Not so ironically, the youtube clips featuring the sermon were recently pulled…which Mo’Kelly takes to be uh…um…a “coincidence.”

Yes, fathers, pedophiles and the AME church…a “coincidence.”

For those unaware, J.H. Bryant’s ministry has long been dogged by accusations of adultery and sodomy, including an unsubstantiated rumor that the younger Bryant impregnated a 17-year-old girl. Although church officers asked him to step down pending a paternity test, Bryant remained in the pulpit. No word on the result of the paternity test or if one was ever given. This is not including a recent revelation that he has an 8-year-old daughter from before his marriage, made public due to court-ordered child support, not through public admission.

Yes, fathers, pedophiles and the AME church…a “coincidence.”

And for those who doubted the veracity of the rumors, they were enough for his then wife Gizelle to file for divorce in February of 2008, alleging among other things, adultery.

The Baltimore Sun characterized their marriage as follows:

“Bryant and his wife, a former model, are known for their flashy lifestyle, which includes a Bentley and a multimillion-dollar Canton waterfront property. Their lifestyle has attracted criticism from those who say the church is more about his business enterprises and building wealth than religion. Her original divorce complaint stated that he earned more than $350,000 a year.”

If the city of “Baltimore” jumps out at you the reader, it’s probably because that once upon a time, the elder Bryant used to pastor the venerable Bethel AME in Baltimore. That would be the SAME Bethel AME back in the news for its music minister Timothy Price being sentenced to 7 years in prison for repeatedly raping a 12-year old girl recently. “Coincidentally,” the younger J.H. Bryant was also the assistant pastor at Bethel from 1997-2000.

Yes, fathers, pedophiles and the AME church…a “coincidence.”

Price story HERE.

But back to the younger Bryant…

If you look more closely at the history of J.H. Bryant, the mounting “circumstantial” evidence and “hmmm factor” rises considerably. Prior to ever becoming a pastor, J.H. Bryant served as the director of the national NAACP’s youth and college division.

Yes, youth and college division.

The elder, Bishop John Bryant has now been embroiled in two separate molestation scandals, both connected to the late Rev. Sylvester Laudermill Jr., who Bryant transferred from St. Louis to Los Angeles in the midst of an already brooding St. Louis molestation scandal. According to a source closely connected to the family of “John Doe” victim in Los Angeles who contacted The Mo’Kelly Report; although “John Doe” in Los Angeles was NOT infected with HIV, the aforementioned St. Louis victim was in fact infected with HIV.

Laudermill died in October of 2008 due to cancer.

There is legitimate reason to believe the cancer was AIDS-related. The recent lawsuits levied at Ward AME in Los Angeles in connection to Laudermill and Bryant were both settled in February and March respectively. The first settlement is reportedly $300,000 and the second is not publicly known and is sealed under court order. Although it is presumed that any settlement amount for both cases will be paid by the General Church and Bishop Bryant personally…the public will wait and see if Bryant will liquidate some or all of his five houses and his Bentley.  Presumably the area churches will also likely be assessed to help pick up the bill.

If that wasn’t troubling enough, Bishop Bryant met with the other AME bishops in Tampa, Florida in June of 2002 to specifically examine AME doctrine and policy in regards to sexual abuse and impropriety committed by pastors.

June 2002 – TWO years prior to the Laudermill transfer.

Full story HERE

Bishop Adam Richardson Jr.

Bishop Adam Richardson Jr.

“It signals to us the need to carefully review the administrative processes we employ in handling such issues. We have all (denominations) similarly faced difficult, embarrassing and very sensitive failures on the part of leaders.”

- Bishop Adam Richardson Jr. (June 2002)

Again, the transfer of Rev. Sylvester Laudermill Jr. from St. Louis to Los Angeles, despite the public allegations occurred in 2004, two years after this gathering.

The AME doctrine even as of 2002 was clear that allegations of misconduct be reported to a bishop or presiding elder. A committee is then to investigate and determine whether a minister is at fault and should be dismissed or suspended. No hearing was convened in regards to Laudermill and not surprisingly, a second incident occurred in Los Angeles in subsequent years.

But wait, there’s more…

Mind you this was THREE years after the highly publicized Saundra

Rev. Saundra McFadden-Weaver

Rev. Saundra McFadden-Weaver

McFadden/Rev. Ron Williams Kansas City debauchery/sexual harassment case of 1999 where a minister used his affair with a member as leverage in his threat to ruin both her marriage and career.

Full story HERE. (Note, this link is VERY GRAPHIC in nature in terms of described imagery.)

View Rev. McFadden-Weaver’s Myspace Page HERE

The McFadden/Williams scandal/lawsuit also occurred in the 5th district of the AME church.

Another “coincidence” to be sure.

Bishop Vernon R. Byrd

Bishop Vernon R. Byrd

But to sum up the McFadden-Weaver saga…check out Bishop Vernon R. Byrd.

Bishop Byrd, in his deposition, admitted that there was “no investigation” of Saundra’s sexual harassment claims and that he took no action when his secretary complained that Prince Albert Williams had made inappropriate comments to her. He admitted that the AME church had no sexual harassment policy until 1996.

When asked what option a woman had if she were being sexually harassed, he said she should “examine herself.”

“What should she examine herself for?” Fletcher asked.

“For whatever reason she wants to examine herself…. [She should ask] herself, ‘How did I get in this position?'” Byrd replied.

If the church had never taken punitive actions against anyone for alleged sexual harassment, Fletcher asked, how would people know those activities were wrong?

“That’s on them,” Bishop Byrd replied.

Prince Albert Williams was transferred to Kansas and received a cut in salary, and Bishop Byrd retired to Arizona.

(Note 5.6.09 – Update on Bishop Byrd)

Bishop Vernon R. Byrd Succumbs

Bishop Vernon R. ByrdBishop Vernon Randolph Byrd, the 105th elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church passed this afternoon, May 5, 2009, at his home in Charlotte, NC.    Service arrangements for Bishop Vernon Randolph Byrd:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009. Visitation: 11:00 AM-12:00 Noon

Funeral: 12:00 Noon Greater Bethel AME Church 5232 The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215 (704) 566-9000 Email: Rev. Morris Reddon, Pastor

Bishop Bryant was appointed the presiding prelate of the 5th district during the adjudication of this lawsuit, STILL TWO years prior to the church convening to address sexual abuse and harassment doctrine in full and four full years before deciding to transfer Laudermill to Los Angeles.

After Bishop Bryant left the 5th district in 2008 (bishops must move posts after 8 years), he landed in the 4th district. That would be the same 4th district in which Rev. Hubert Armstrong of St. James Church in St. Paul, Minnesota was reappointed in the midst of allegations of theft. Oh and he also punched a woman in the face…ON CAMERA.

To date, I can find no evidence of disciplinary action taken against Armstrong, which “coincidentally” would have fallen under the responsibility of Bishop Bryant.

The sinister Bryant connection to the AME church and the scandals contained therein continue…


2nd Settlement Reached in Laudermill/Ward AME Molestation Case

AME Church Exposed Part II – Interview w/ Rev. Kupaji Jaliwa

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In the time that I have been an AME, there has always been a double standard. If you don’t play the game with them, you are isolated. But if you play, you can get away with anything.

Comment by ebonyeyes

Does Jamal Bryant have a Phd., from Oxford? Does his soon-to-be ex-wife, Gizelle, have a degree from Howard University in Marketing? People are saying that he does NOT have a degree from Oxford. I checked his websites and none of them state that his wife has a degree of any kind. I would think that they would, especially since he lists all of his. Thank you.

Comment by Lisa H.

i am so sorry to read such pain amoung parishoners. remember, we should be aligned with God, Jesus as we lay our all on the altar, and lay prostrate before Him. the church, in all its falicies, is not ‘without spot nor wrinkle’ and clearly while ‘many are called, few are chosen’, yet we should ‘walk in grace and not in the flesh’.
rather than walk away from the a.m.e. church, let’s enter in fervent prayer for the transgressions of bishops, presiding elders, pastors, ministers and lay of our church. the adversdary ‘seeks whom he may devour, roaming to and fro’, to not let those who have made poor choices give you a harden heart, rather, we must hold them accountable and responsible for their action and inaction and contiue to lift them in prayer.

Comment by harriett

My sentiments exactly. We realize that no man is perfect and in God’s eyes, sin is sin, all to the same degree. By no means does this justify the behavior of our leaders or lay, but it does reaffirm and makes clear the reason why he bore our sins on the cross at Calvary. We should all trust and depend on God in every situation because as long as we are human, we will commit sins.

Consider this, FORGIVENESS should have it’s own National Holiday!!!! Thought provoking?????

Comment by Saundra

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I just heard Jamal Harrison Bryant on April 26, 2010 at Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit for the first time. I was so disgusted with his handling of the Word of God and was surprised that 10,000 people were screaming, yelling, and encouraging this deceiver from their venerable pulpit. I realized that the ‘anointing’ in this church was equated to their loud, sharp voices, both of Bryant and of their Pastor, Edgar Vann, of their phenomenal choir, and the quality of their musicians. I took issue with Bryant because 1. he made mention of his infidelity but made no mention of his repentance. Instead, he justified it stating that God was someone who gave people second chances and was not looking for perfect people. 2. I was irritated with his lack of exposition from I Samuel 8 and instead, encouraged people to lose their 2 donkeys, spouses, children, jobs, homes, etc. for the anointing which would make them kings. 3. He spent most, if not all of his speaking time with personal application of the text, stating that God would send them an answer to prayer and deliver them within seven days. I do not consider this man someone who can speak for God nor an astute student of the Word of God. Supposedly, he did have some theological training but I’d probably recommend people to stay away from the schools that he learned from since his preaching totally puts to shame the rigors needed to study and expose Scripture.

Comment by Jonathan Lewis



pastor jamal byrant you have change me the words you preach are so real you are a one of a kind pastor i have never heard know body to preach and be so amazing and loving what they do with a sense of style while sending a power message from havenly father every sunday i look forward to come to receive my blessing from empower temple i thank god daily that the pastor he pick for my family is the greatest so i know you heard these words a million of time but it,s the truth.

Comment by trenda thomas

you are so amazing i just had to tell you that you have made a difference in me & my daughter life when we come there i get so excited about hereing god name because i know you are preaching from with in and that itself is outstanding thank you pastor jamal byrant.

Comment by trenda thomas

Dear Min. Rosalind Mitchell: when one quotes the scripture,”touch not my annoited do my prophet no harm” either in defense of himself or for another who is being exposed or reprimanded for some misbehavior antithetical to the Christian theology, please be aware that all believers are God’s annoited. I believe that when the body of Christ is calling the men and women of God to task to be the moral leaders that they where called to be, we are not doing the prophet harm, but simply rescuing him/her from hell’s fire.

Comment by lyne smith

Good right hand, Rev.:-) Hey, ladies equality is not a convenience.

Comment by Johnathan

Its so said that people do not know the truth when they here it and and are so quick to follow behind someone who takes the Word of God out of context. Are you putting any man or woman above Jesus Christ? Does your pastor resemble Christ?Is the glory for the man or for your heavenly Father. These are serious questions because when the time comes you REALLY need to make sure u know Christ and HE knows you. Get in your Word for yourself. Any real “man or woman of God” would point you toward Christ. Please take your blinders off before it is too late! To God be the glory!

Comment by prettimamainministry

I am so very tired of all the mess in all the churchES.I am no longer ame but i was raised ame. its still very much in my blood i know this church inside out. when i came up in the church; it was a good church but things have changed im not that old, im 44yrs so it wasnt that long ago we had good pastors, at our church they wasnt begging for your cash. they were men who a young man without a father in the home would want to emmulate,rev coleman, rev habersham, rev jesse brown, and now presiding elder; booker t. guyton , rev guyton was one of the hardest working preachers i know, he would drive from his home in stockton ca to richmond every sunday and through the week. he would be there to marry, bury, counsel the members. my grand mothers brother passed , after school i took a nap woke up and there was rev guyton with my grandmother, i could go on about this man but i will not. i am now in the pentecostal church and seeing what i see now ,i look back now and can really appreciate my ame pastors.are they perfect men NO! just like all of us we all need the lord; thats why there is a throne of grace that we may obtain mercy.what you are doing is good to a point cause people should not blindly follow anyone; but there is a lot of good in the ame church focus on that sometimes.i recently attended the northern cal annual conference bishop kirkland made an appeal for 15,000 for the exspense of the meeting i thought that was a small amount considering our little church will give our pastor over 20,000 for an appreciation service and the pastor does nothing and the church is no where near the size of the annual conference.i myself have over 15,000 in my savings.pray for churches everywhere that God will be glorified . and people IF YOU SENSE SOMETHING WRONG IN A MINISTRY KEEP YOU MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

Comment by 3luna3

Does anyone know the base salary for A.M.E. Bishops?

Comment by Fields McDonald

Mo Kelly,
I now live in the DC area but was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have been in DC for about 8 years now. I grew up in the AME church and have seen many of the pastors I knew or attended their church as a child on the east coast now. They are pastors who had been caught in various scandals and transferred. I also attended a large church in los angeles as a young adult where there was a scandal with the pastor and he is now in the East and back on TV with a mega church. The Christian churches are no better than the Catholic church. They may not be transferring as many known pedofiles, but they are transferring wife beaters and cheaters. I challenge you to do a little research of the pastors who have arrived on the East Coast in the last 15 years….I guarantee you will get a rude awakening.

Comment by TM

this is a reminder to the body of christ to always be watchful. What happened to Ps.Jamal can happen to anyone because we are all human.Lord give us the grace to overcome temptation. I’m really encouraged by his sermons on TV.

Comment by Cynthia

I had the priviledge to meet Pastor Jamal Bryant in Albany Ga, at First Monumental Faith. I must say I was truly fed spiritually. I think he’s an awesome man of God, who is obviously walking by faith & definfitely not depending on man for anything but leaning on his Father. I will say to all the negative viewers some of you may think you know of his past, but I know just as well as Pastor Bryant, that none of us knows his future. Pastor Bryant keep doing what you do. Hope to see you next year in the same location.

Comment by Monica

I as a South African i take my hat and bow to you for all the great job you do for GOD our REEDEMER.the symphony of life is TAKE WHATS GOOD ON A PERSON WHAT FEEDS YOU ,YOUR MIND YOUR SPIRIT,your GOD given grace and talent in order for you to grow orderly.people tend to look at the messenger instead of listening to the messenger to an extent they end up losing the message.I’am a proudly S,african AME member pride for the word.

Comment by Mark Nondumo

First let me say i am not bashing the A.M.E. Church.Please stop calling ,being assigned to a small church a demotion.There are souls there that need pastoring and they are people as well.This is Gods work because when all is said and done God is not going to care about any positions that you may hold be it bishop,presiding elder,or beng a member of the episcopal commitee Are you saved!!! Pray for the Bishops and all leaders. Stop over looking the smaller churches try building them up that the AME influence might be made known in that area,,hold a meeting at a small church if the church dont have the staff to pull it off bring people in to do it.AND STOP HAVING CONFERENCES IN HOTELS.That makes zero sense to me why give all that money to donald trump, go rent a church and bless them and it dont have to be ame church there are big churches all over.

Comment by 3luna3

I appreciate you sharing this information. It is detailed and I have been looking for some of this information. I saw this You tube video years ago, but of course, I didn’t know exactly what it was about.

I am on a mission to end sexual abuse, especially in church leadership. Check me out at: and LIKE ME at:

I teach Ten ways to safeguard your child from sexual abuse.



Comment by Ressurrection

Interesting that you decide to devote the life that God gave you to gossip. Brother/Sister help this dark and sinful age by showing Love, not fanning the flames of ignorance and sin.

Do you get some kind of joy and satisfaction in rejoicing in the fall of man? I am not defending anyone, rather just stating that we need to love like Jesus loved and forgive one another thereby giving the enemy no place in our lives.

I hope you get some new goals.

Comment by Concerned about your soul

very well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless

Comment by 3luna3

This is crazy.

Comment by Tangiestickingitouttotheend Allen

Just saw Dr.(?) Jamal Bryant on Benny Hinn (TBN). Making wild claims that God will bring you a miracle in 120 days. Does Hinn know of the scandals in Byant’s life?

Comment by Ray Berthiaume

Ray, the Bible says we don’t fight against flesh & blood so Benny Hinn knows this truth and the fact that there is now no more condemnation to those who are in Christ. Just concentrate on the message and not the messenger as God can use a donkey to pass His message. Be alert people and don’t allow the devil to use you by judging other people because once you judge someone else you fall away from grace so you have to make sure that you walk in perfection or else the same measure of judgment you used will be used against you!

Comment by Pumla

Everyone in his family had a Doctorates Degree:
Bishop John R Bryant, 4th Episcopal District AMEC
Rev Dr Cecilia Bryant, Preacher
Rev Dr Jamal H Bryant, Empowerment Temple AMEC
His sister also has one i dont know her name

Comment by N. Taylor

Ima put it like this jamal bryant is a false prophet all he do is preach what people itching ears want to hear. All these celebrity make me sick, all they do is play with your emotions and take your money, unfaithful to their wives, making 300,000 a year, mingling with hollywood, and not warning people to repent. I’m saved and going to heaven. But as a preacher you don’t wanna get to popular because u will have ladies falling all over u

Comment by deandre

I agree with the above comment.I am a married man very happy with my wife. i recently visited an ame church and the way the young women were dressed in the house of God was appalling,no consideration for the men in the church and these people were leaders in this church, while i admitt i have a problem with women wearing pants in church i do feel spandex is taking it a little to far.What about the reverance and respect that we are suppose to have while in the worship. i work out is it alright for me to come right from a work out in shorts and a wife beater? there has to be some order and i feel the ame church has just went to far.i will not be allowed to put on a white dress and black bonet and sit on the front row lets get it together people now i know why i had to leave this church.

Comment by 3luna3

At this time I am very upset with the AME Church, but as far as what a person wears to church has no bearing on what you went to church for in the first place. Did you go to church to see what people were wearing, or did you go to church to praise God? If you went to praise God, and was really into the service and praising God, you would not have noticed what anyone was wearing. God’s house is not to have any limitations on race, color, sexuality or what a person wears to church. I joined my church under a minister who I felt was a true man of God, he had his faults, no one is perfect, but everyone was welcome into his church, even a smelly bum off the street.
But right now in the AME Church members should be concentrating on how to get rid of the pastors who are ripping off our churches. Riding around in Mercedes and Porches which the churches pay for. Living a lavish life, that some members could only hope for paid for by the churches. Churches going into to foreclosure, churches selling off property given to the churches by its members. Ministers using the church credit cards for their own personal use.
They say that Church and Government should be separate; I really believe the government should start taking a more active roll in the finance of churches and how they use the money that is given to the churches by members and outside donations. The AME Churches use to be in the local and national new papers all the time for the good they have done in their communities, now the only news you see in a news paper is some paid article the some minister of one of the AME Churches paid to get into their paper.
Yes I have stopped going to my church and I am not the only one, because I can not pretend to enjoy a sermon by a minister who has constantly and blatantly used our church as a media hog, used church funds for personal benefit, and lives a lavish life all on the backs of the members of the church. So if all you can do when you enter your church doors is see what people are wearing, you are going to church for the wrong reaso

Comment by Chills

Beware of false prophets, who come to you dressed as sheep,but inside they are devouring wolves. Matt 7:15

For those who feel like we as people of faith speaking the truth in regard to sin are making judgement. I say that the person that committed the sin has by doing so brought judgement into their situation. Mature people that are in relationship with a God that dwells inside of them have a duty to allow God to speak life by condemning not condoning sin not the person. By the way we all have sinned and sinned equally. One sin brought sin equally upon all mankind.

Comment by Nate Harris

I am a AME preacher and I am also recognised in 2 other denominations. it hurts to see that others see any church as sinless and perfect, It is the opposite. The church can be seen as a hospital where we come to receive healing. Healing for the Christian is an on-going process. We will never arrive at perfection until we see Jesus for ourselves.I have learned to judege situations and not the person. The Lord will do that. If one finds a perfect church. A warning, not to join it; that person will mess it up.

Comment by Darlene Easley

There are no facts of consequence iin this writing. It is all comjectue and innuendo. A complete waste of energy.

Comment by Bernard W Scott

well this dont surprise me because Bishop Bryant ripped off the AME churches here in the midwest, and it was rumored that his wife was a dyke. She looks like a man with that short hair.

Comment by james

Not only that his son is a glorified pimp.

Comment by james

I am a born again believer and attend the ame church. These
practices which have taken place in the church are a disgrace. They shame the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How can we lead souls to Christ when this type of thing is going on. No wonder this generation of youth rebel and do not want to attend church. Disgraceful…………………………………..The church acting like the world.

Comment by lannette

Sometimes you cant look at the messenger, just recieve the message.

Comment by Milton

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Comment by Winnie

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‘AME Exposed’ Special Report – The Sinister ‘Bryant’ AME Connection | The Mo’Kelly Report

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