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Mo’Kelly’s Commercial Pick (I Think) – Durex
03.17.2009, 3:47 PM
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durex_natural_feel_lube_lrgI swear, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.  This obviously is for foreign airing as it would NEVER air in the U.S.

Mo’Kelly is speechless.  Mo’Kelly isn’t a prude, it’s just that Mo’Kelly will never look at balloon art the same away…EVER AGAIN.

The commercial is so “graphic” that I was uncomfortable watching it.  And that says a lot!


Anyhow, without further ado…

Mo’Kelly’s not making a moral judgment, just curious to know how one goes about pitching this concept to the VP of advertising and how someone decides to market their product in this way.  NOTED…it is a CONDOM company, but the ad is SOOOOOOO over the top that even a condom company would likely blush.  Parallel, you might have seen the KY Jelly ads, which are more suggestive as opposed to over-the-top blatant.

(Then again, Mo’Kelly hasn’t seen the “international” versions of KY’s commercials either.  They just might be equally over-the-top as Durex.)

I guess it comes down to the odd/questionable juxtaposition of balloon art (ostensibly children’s toys) and the blatant sexual acts.  By no means is Mo’Kelly a “moralist” but there’s something to be questioned about such a juxtaposition.  And since this is a “banned” commercial from what Mo’Kelly can glean…other folks agreed too.  Your thoughts?

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What in the world????????

Is this really airing somewhere??

Comment by BriTonya D. Banks

This is one of the myriad of reasons why I didn’t make it in advertising…at all! I couldn’t even find an internship.

It’s amazing how these companies pitch their idea, after receiving an RFP (request for proposal) by companies such as Durex, and those with the sickest imaginations are rewarded for their nonsense.

When I see stuff like this, I applaud God for closing the advertising door for me. At first, I used to think that MAN was closing the door, but MAN doesn’t have the same power that God has. He’s moved me to public relations and I’m much happier there.

I understand that you need that shock value to win folks over, but this b.s. belongs on a porn website, not late night TV (where it probably airing)

Comment by Zack Isaacs

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